Our Story

Zachariasse Consultancy is a spin-off from the work our founders Coert, Owen and Paula have been doing at Delta Development Group. Working within Holland's leading sustainable real estate developer, we have spent years implementing the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy into award winning projects, thus gathering unique and  invaluable experience as well as hands-on know-how on the application of Cradle to Cradle® into the built environment. More and more we felt our projects inspired people and we wanted to share our knowledge and ingenuity in projects beyond our developers scope. Most of all we are passionate about what we do and we would like to share our passion and experience with you.

Midnight in Iceland, taken by Coert Zachariasse at the 2013 McDonough Annual C2C® conference. August 2013

 Our Vision:

Our vision is a safe, healthy world of abundance and continuous prosperity where the built and natural environments stimulate and support each other in perfect harmony; a world that loves all the children of all species for all time.


By viewing Business as an Engine for Change® Zachariasse Consulting is committed to providing our clients with honest, reliable, practical and unique advice of the highest quality in order to maximize a projects economic, social and environmental profitability within a balanced framework.

Corporate Values:

Integrity: In order to build upon a foundation of integrity, our first requirement is to build an excellent and trustworthy rapport with clients. Throughout the entire process, trust and respect is continuously built by holding ourselves to the highest professional and moral standards, and through providing our clients with the professional privacy needed to produce highly competitive and unique projects within a highly competitive environment

Honesty: Honesty is paramount to our consulting activities. Through direct and open communication at all times with all relevant stakeholders we are able to deliver on our promises.

Transparency: Zachariasse Consulting works diligently to be as open as possible with respect to our business activities and reporting requirements. On a project level, our personal experience in developing vertically integrated open-book processes helps our clients to maximize returns through efficient and effective design/build activities from vision all the way through occupation and when needed subsequent reconceptualization and redevelopment.

Creativity: At Zachariasse Consulting we look for the questions behind the initial question and our creative process takes place by looking for opportunity and then testing for limitations and not the other way around. Through these approaches we are not only able to think outside of the box, but in entirely different dimensions in order to achieve exceptional and creative high-value results for our clients desires, dreams and needs.

Business as an Engine for Change®: It is our experience that doing well by doing good is not only possible but highly profitable. Through our many years of practical participation in the world of real property development we have learned how to not only exceed our fiduciary duty in terms of financial gains, but also how to generate above average returns to people, communities and the planet as well. How we are able to create a safe, healthy world of abundance is by viewing Business as an engine for change®.

Fun: We are passionate about creating a safe, healthy world of abundance and love a good challenge. For us, equally important to delivering a fantastic result is enjoying the journey along the way.

Client Centered Approach: At each project Zachariasse Consulting begins with the individual needs of the client, the community, and the environment; and we listen. Within our advice the user of the property and the community at large receives special consideration so that we are then able to help clients create projects with unique and high added value for both occupants and the community regardless of the immediate and future functions.

Community and Environmental Investments:
Zachariasse Consulting partners with and invests in the communities and countries in which we live and do business. We do this through volunteer work and philanthropy.